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  1. Introducing MacGyver

    Today we’re happy to announce the release of MacGyver, the duct tape and swiss army knife for AngularJS applications.

    What is it?

    MacGyver is an AngularJS module comprised of directives, filters and utilities for quickly developing your UI. It was built to meet the need for reusable components between multiple AngularJS applications.


    What does it include?

    MacGyver includes the following directives:

    • autocomplete

    • datepicker

    • file upload

    • menu

    • modal

    • spinner

    • tag autocomplete

    • tag input

    • time input

    • tooltip

    Table Directive

    The Table directive allows AngularJS developers to display and manipulate tabular data using a suite of interrelated directives. Modular in nature, these directives are designed to be extended to add additional domain specific functionality.


    To help format the data in your templates, MacGyver includes several filters, such as exposing methods in the Underscore String library, turning timestamps into human readable strings and easily pluralizing words.

    And more…

    Additional features include a utils service with useful methods to use in your controllers and custom directives, as well as a set of event directives, similar to those which will be available when AngularJS 1.2.0 is released.

    To look under the hood and get a full list of filters, events, other directives and the documentation, visit the MacGyver docs.

    Getting MacGyver

    Getting and using MacGyver is easy. You can install via Bower or download from Github.

    To install via bower, make sure you have bower installed and then run:

    bower install angular-macgyver

    Once you have MacGyver in your project, just include “Mac” as a dependency in your Angular application and you’re good to go.

    angular.module(‘myModule’, [“Mac”])
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